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3D Item Creation - Getting Started

Download the required programs

Before you get started, check to make sure you have the required software:

Unity 2020.3.9


Unity version 2020.3.9 is required to get your 3D model on to ZEPETO Studio

It's advised to install Unity's Unity Hub launcher to manage your Unity version and your Unity license.
After downloading and installing Unity hub, you can download Unity 2020.3.9, by going to the link and follow the link to โ€œInstall this version with Unity Hub.โ€
You can use Unity under the Free Personal Use license to create items for ZEPETO.

3D Creation Software

For creating items in ZEPETO, 3D digital content creation software is required. For creating items in ZEPETO, the software must be able to edit 3D models by component, rig the items to a joint or bone based skeleton, and import and export FBX files. Programs like Maya, Blender, or 3DS Max can be used, or other programs with similar capabilities.
ZEPETO recommends using Autodesk Maya.

  • Blender can be downloaded from their website here for free.

Image Editor

To give color and detail to the item, texture images have to be created and edited. For this task, image editing software is required.

  • You can create and edit textures with an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or Krita
  • You can download Photoshop from here, and use a free 7 day trial to get started

Guide files for creating items


ZEPETO Studio Unity Project v3.2.4 - [Download] - Last updated 2022.10.27

This project folder is opened in Unity or from Unity Hub.
This file is required to prepare your created item for ZEPETO Studio after your work in 3D creation software is complete.


Creator Base Set - [Download] - Last updated 2021.08

A rigged, full-body for Clothing items.
This file is required for rigging work. It's also recommended for modeling and masking


Female Torso - Female_Torso.fbx [Download]

A female torso guide file for womenโ€™s clothing items for modeling. Requires the Creator Base Set file for rigging work and will not cover masking.


Headwear Guide - HEADWEAR_Guide.fbx [Download]

Head-centric spacing guide, mask, and rig for headwear, masks, eyewear, earrings, and hair.
This file is required for anything head-centric, like hair, hats, and other headwear, as these types of items are handled differently than body clothing items.


Additional Guide Files

A spacing guide for Top & Bottom modeling: TOP_BTM_guide.fbx [Download]
A socks spacing guide for Shoe modeling: SH_Guide.fbx [Download]
3D Mask Object: [Download]

Select an item category

Make sure your item falls under one of the categories currently supported by ZEPETO Studio:


Dress (DR)Top (TOP)Outerwear (OTR)
Mini DressT-ShirtsShort
Long DressShirtsMedium
SuitCrop tops

Bottoms and Footwear

Pants (BTM)Skirt (BTM)Socks (SOX)Shoes (SH)
ShortShortLow CutShoes
MediumMediumAnkle CutSneakers
LongLongKnee HighSandals
Thigh HighBoots
Waist High

Hair and Headwear

Hair (HAIR)Headwear (HEADWEAR)Eyewear (GLASSES)
Short HairCostume MaskFashion
Medium HairAccessoryShades
Long HairHat

Jewelry and Accessories

Bracelet (BRACELET)Bag (BAG)
Necklace (NECKLACE)Accessory Mask (MASK)
Earring (EARRING)Wing (WING)
Nail (NAIL)
Gloves (GLOVE)

Design and Concept

Creating an item starts with a design in mind! Make sure you have a good sense of what youโ€™re going to make before trying to make something in 3D. Drawings or pictures of what youโ€™d like to make can help.
Donโ€™t be intimidated! If youโ€™re a beginner, customizing the templates provided by ZEPETO Studio is a great place to start!