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[레거시] In-world Purchases

You can sell your own items within the World.
To sell items, you need to be issued a World ID, and register the products. Check the link below for more details.



Multi-play and DataStorage elements must be implemented to use the IWP function to store purchase history.

  • Register World ID: Making a World Console
  • Register products: Making World Products

STEP 1 : Linking IWP

To sell products created in Making World Products in the World, first create a UI button in Scene.
Add the AddComponent → ZEPETO IWP Button component on the button.

Products that are registered on the World Console will be listed on the Inspector → Item ID on the ZEPETO IWP Button. Select the item to sell from the corresponding UI button.


STEP 2 : Testing Purchase Pop-up

Press the [▶︎(play)] button to run.


Click on the button linked to IWP to confirm purchase process.


Click on [Buy] button on the purchase pop-up to see if IWP is linked properly.



Please write the code after purchasing the IWP item by processing the purchase completion event.

IWP Item Type

There are 2 types of IWP items.

  • Consumable: Continuously available for purchase.
  • Non-consumability: Re-purchase available from World Package version 1.5.0 or later.
    • After purchasing a non-consumable IWP product during the editor test, you can repurchase it using the Clear button in the inspector.
    • When mobile testing through QR code, you can purchase non-consumable IWP products and repurchase them when QR mobile reconnects.



  • You must register a World cover image to do an item purchase test before publishing.
  • Please ensure you've entered a valid world cover image, otherwise you may encounter an error.