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Using the Voice Chat Function

Zepeto.Voice.Chat preview version package enables voice chat in the World.

As it is a preview version, please be aware of the known errors before using.


Known Errors

  • When using an Android device, there is an issue where sound outputs from the speaker when entering a World with bluetooth earphones linked.
  • If the voice overlaps with another user, the voice may not be heard.
  • When you receive an emergency text alerts or external voice messages during a voice chat, the voice chat function may not work properly.

STEP 1 : Install the ZEPETO.Voice.Chat Package

Install Window → Package Manager → ZEPETO.Voice.Chat.



  • This feature are available in ZEPETO World Package 1.10.0 and later versions. If the World version is older, please proceed with the World update first.
  • This feature is available in a World where multiplayer elements are implemented.


STEP 2 : Activate the voice chat function

Click the [▼] button in the middle menu of the Unity project screen that's under development.
Click the [Open World Settings] button in the pop-up menu that appears.


If the ZEPETO.Voice.Chat package is installed correctly, you'll see that the Use VoiceChat option has been added.

If you check the Use VoiceChat option, the voice chat feature is automatically added to the World.




  • Testing is only available in the mobile test, not editor test.
  • You cannot dynamically remove or add voice chat features from runtime.

STEP 3 : Using Voice Chat Function

Voice chat is applied to following Worlds.

Voice chat is automatically enabled when entering the World with voice chat function.


The first time you use the voice chat feature in ZEPETO, a pop-up regarding microphone access will appear.
You must allow access in order to use the voice chat function.


When you enable the voice chat feature, a button automatically appears in the UI


You can use it by touching the voice chat button


You can also move during voice chat