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ZEPETO World 1.4.1(Compatible with ZEPETO App 3.13.5 or higher)


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating Package]

New additional function

  • IWP - Provided function to change itemID
    • Previously, the itemId value of the zepetoIWPButton could only be changed in the inspector and could not be changed dynamically, but it was updated so that it could be set up by code using the SetItemId function.
import { ZepetoScriptBehaviour } from 'ZEPETO.Script';
import { ZepetoIWPButton } from 'ZEPETO.IWP';

export default class IWPTest extends ZepetoScriptBehaviour {

    public zepetoIWPButton: ZepetoIWPButton;

    Start() {


Improved Features

  • Fixed issues where CompleteCallback are not summoned when using API related to ZepetoCharacterCreator.CreateModel
    • ZepetoCharacterCreator.CreateModelByZepetoId
    • ZepetoCharacterCreator.CreateModelByUserId
  • Fixed value change errors of arrangement related property in inspector
  • Fixed issues where Map types couldn't be initialized because it was incorrectly recognized as Serialized type
  • Improved Chat delay