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ZEPETO World 1.5.0(Compatible with ZEPETO App 3.14.0 or later)


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating Package]

New additional function

  • Previously, it was set up to follow the quality settings of ZEPETO app, but now the ProjectSetting > Quality settings will be applied to individual worlds
    • Due to this, if the mobile Quality setting is set to High or higher as shown below, heat overload may occur.
  • CharacterController - Made Transition time adjustable by approaching StateMachine
  • Leaderboard - Provides control over ExtraInfo (string) parameters when using SetScore API
    • ExtraInfo : This is an additional data type that can be utilized in each Rank (Ranking Information) unit and can be updated together when a valid Ranking is recorded on the leaderboard through the SetScore API.
      • ex) Allows the player to record (renew) the ItemID information they are wearing with their ranking whenever they win
  • Invoke(string methodName, float time) supported
  • OnDrawGizmos supported
  • 'for of' statement for IEnumerable Type is supported
  • PostProcessing GetSetting / TryGetSettings supported

IWP-related Changes

IWP Improvements

  • Improvements of non-consumable IWP products that cannot be re-purchased when tested on Unity editor test and mobile test through QR code
    • Provided an environment in which non-consumable IWP products can be re-purchased with the Clear button on the Inspector during editor test
    • In case of a mobile test through QR code, non-consumable IWP products can be re-purchased when QR mobile is connected again
  • We've released a World with IWP products, and have improved the parts where IWP products cannot be purchased during Unity Editor test and mobile test through QR code without adding a new version
  • Improvement to avoid ZEM deductions in the event of a failed ZEM purchase from the client end

IWP Policy Changes

  • When implementing IWP onPurchased() in the server code, logic must be implemented for failure or exception handling.
    • In the case where you don't receive the item when purchasing IWP products, make sure an error is created by implementing logic as referred in the example below to avoid a situation where the ZEM is wrongfully deducted.
    • Cases where failure or exception handling logic is not implemented and cannot be operated normally will be rejected during the World Review.
async onPurchased(client: SandboxPlayer, receipt: IReceiptMessage) {
    // Exception handling example        
    if (error condition) {
        // The user's ZEM is not wrongfully deducted.                 
        throw new Error('error message');          

Improved Features

  • Fixes issues where GetComponent does not work after applying AddComponent to runtime
  • Fixed an issue where the Zepeto World Multiplay component was missing after the package update
  • Modified the GameObject type variable to be null comparable
  • Fixed an issue where the Start() event was missing when adding a ZEPETO script at runtime
  • Fixed an issue in iOS where a specific UI button needed to be pressed and held for response
  • Fixed an issue where the public variable disappeared and the ArgumentNullException error log was output intermittently in the Inspector window
  • Fixed an issue where the array's factor returned to undefined when using the GetComponentsInChildren function
  • Fixed an issue where the properties did not change on replicated prefabs when replicated to Scene
  • Fixed an issue where layer settings did not apply
  • Fixed a typo in Exception error message
  • Fixed an issue where Resource.Load does not work properly when running Worlds built in a Windows environment on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where Update(), LateUpdate() would not restart when the GameObject transitions to the Active state
  • Fixed an issue where ProjectSetting > CollisionLayer settings were not applied
  • Fixed an issue where using ZepetoPlayers.instance.GetPlayerWithUserId API would cause GetComponent to not work on code written in One Line
  • Fixed an issue where CompareTag did not work on Android
  • Fixed an issue where LateUpdate does not occur first when components are added in Update