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ZEPETO World 1.7.0(Compatible with ZEPETO App 3.16.0 or later )


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating Package]

New additional function

  • Added mannequin API to support try-on/sale
    • You will be able to sell the clothing items you've made in the World.
    • You can create a mannequin wearing a designated costume of a ZEPETO character NPC.
    • You can purchase clothing items by interacting with mannequins or objects.
    • ZEPETO Mannequin
  • Entrance method changed through the World Sharing URL
    • Changed so that even if all the people who enter the World Room through the URL exit, the same World can still be accessed using the URL.
      • AS-IS: Previously, if all the users left, the room was automatically closed and entry through the URL was not possible.
      • TO-BE: When attempting to access the URL after all the users have left, Room will be recreated and to enter the World.

Improved Features

  • ZEPETO.Character.Controller
    • Fixed an issue where using EnhancedCamera caused camera terrain collision handling issues
    • Fixed an issue caused by adjusting MotionV2 Gravity Value
    • Fixed an issue where the position of the CharacterShadow appears to be out of order when adjusting the character's Scale to an extreme level
    • Fix issues where UI events are not received when UI exists inside the V-Pad area