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ZEPETO World 1.9.0 (Compatible with ZEPETO App 3.18.0 or later)


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating Package]

New additional function

  • You can change the multiplayer Room public/private attributes at runtime.
  • Data Storage Read/Write/Remove based on UserId.
  • Added kickout feature to kick specific users out of the room at runtime.
  • You can customize the chat messages you send and receive by importing the ZEPETO.Chat package.
  • GestureOfficialContentType:enum is more detailed.
    • AS-IS: Gesture = 2, Pose = 4, All = 6
    • TO-BE: Gesture = 2, Pose = 4, Selfie = 8, GestureGreeting = 16, GesturePose = 32, GestureAffirmation = 64, GestureDancing = 128, GestureDenial = 256, GestureEtc = 512, All = 14
  • Optimization guide

Improved Features

  • The ZEPETO app expands the search for the world.
    • AS-IS : search based on world name
    • TO-BE : Expand search based on world name, world description, tag, world_id, creator nickname
  • When you press the publish button, the confirmation pop-up will be changed.
  • When calling GetComponent, I fixed the issue that takes up a lot of memory, including the log-taking part in the build.
  • Mannequin API: The UI for purchasing items that appears when clicking the mannequin Icon is improved.
    • AS-IS : All items set in the mannequin have been selected and opened.(e.g., when 10 hats were set on the mannequin, all hats were selected.)
    • TO-BE : Only one item per part is selected and opened.
      • For items in the same area, it is selected based on the item you entered first.
      • If you select another item in the same area, the previously selected item will be deselected.
      • Dresses are changed so that they are not selected simultaneously with the top and bottom.
        • If you select a dress when the top is selected, the top is deselected.
        • If you select a dress when the bottoms are selected, the bottoms are deselected.
        • If you select a dress when the top and bottom are selected, the top and bottom are deselected.
        • When a dress is selected, selecting a top or bottom will unselect the dress.
  • Fixed an issue in which the reference was broken in Property when modifying the Prefab instigated in Scene.
  • TRANSPORT_CONNECTION_ERROR generated during QR test has been modified.
    • If you are using ZEPETO app version 3.18.0, you must update the world version to 1.9.0 to avoid errors.

ZEPETO studio function

  • A "Memo" function will be added to create upon request for world inspection.
    • The memo created is only visible to the inspector, so please focus on the purpose of production and the parts to be referenced during the inspection.
  • World name/description/cover/screen shot information can now be set by country.
  • A social URL function will be added.
    • If you create a social URL when registering for the world, it will be displayed on the ZEPETO app.
    • Please use the released world for marketing and community purposes.