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Making World Products

Why don’t you try making your own products within your world? You can sell products you have made in your world to make a profit.

To sell your product, you need to create a product in World Studio, and sync the product in unity.

Start Making a World Product

When you click the [Create product] button, a popup will appear, in which you can enter detailed information.


Enter World Product Information

Fill in the information of your product, while referring to the explanation of each item below.

  • Product ID: This is a unique value for each product. Once created, the product ID cannot be changed.
  • Product Type: A product can either be consumable or non-consumable. This determines whether a product can be purchased multiple times.
    (Consumable: This product may be purchased multiple times / Non-consumable: This product can only be purchased once)
  • Price: This is the number of ZEMs you will receive when you sell this product.
  • Product Name: This is the name of the product that other users will see.

Once you have completed entering all the product information, the [Save] button will be activated. Click that button to generate your product.

  • You cannot change the product type after it is submitted for review.
  • Product name and price can be changed even after the review is approved.

Confirm World Products

Once a product has been generated, you can view it from the Product List.
A generated product can have one of three status values, and explanations for each status are as follows.

  • Active: The product is available for sale.
  • Inactive: The product is not available for sale.
  • Forbidden: The product has been inactivated due to reasons such as violation of product sales regulation, etc.


Click on the Forbidden status to know why it is forbidden.

  • Click on the ··· button to change to Activate or Deactivate status. (NOT possible in Forbidden status)
  • Items with Inactive/Forbidden status can be deleted via the ··· button.

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  • A confirmation message occurs when the deletion attempt is attempted.
  • The ID of a deleted item cannot be reused.

Connect the World Product to unity

To sell your product in your world, once you have registered the necessary information, you need to sync that product in unity.


Please refer to the following guide. [Build an economic system with ZEPETO Product]