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ZEPETO World 1.10.0 (Compatible with ZEPETO App 3.19.0 or later)


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating Package]

New additional function


Install Window β†’ Package Manager β†’ ZEPETO.Voice.Chat


When you enable the voice chat feature, a button automatically appears in the UI

Improved Features

  • Fixed an issue where pressing Scene Play > Pause > Pause during multiplayer World development stops the Unity Editor

ZEPETO Studio Features

  • A new ZEPETO guide has been opened.
    • Indexing functionality has been added within the guide
      • From the table of contents on the right side of the guide body, you can go straight to the desired Step
    • Guide readability has improved!
    • Guide prev, next function has been added
    • Improved readability and ease of copying for ZEPETO Scripts
    • With Suggest Edits, you can suggest editing and adding/excluding content on the appropriate guide page
    • API Document will be added
    • Search function will be added (iIntegrated search of World and items)