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This is where you can see and manage the components of your World at a glance.

  • You can easily select the objects you've placed in the Explorer in a list, or select multiple objects at the same time by pressing the Shift key.

  • Drag and drop other objects on top of the ones you want.
  • The object at the dragged location becomes the parent, and the dragged object becomes the child, allowing you to manage multiple objects at once!


The child's Transform is calculated relative to the parent's Transform!

  • Right-click to create an Empty Object.

  • You can easily manage multiple objects by placing child objects inside an Empty Object.

  • You can easily find the object you're looking for by searching for the object name using the Search button.

  • Click the eye icon to hide the selected object from the workspace.

  • For important objects, click the lock icon to make them unavailable for selection!