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Before you start creating your World, let's take a quick look at the World Editor.

When you access the World Editor, you will see the following screen.

1. Toolbar

This is the toolbar you'll need to create your World. You can easily edit the position, size, and rotation of objects, save camera views so you can easily find your saved points, and keep track of object usage at a glance.

Take advantage of these features to make your World more convenient.

2. Objects

You can customize your World with objects in a variety of themes! We've also added tags to object information to make searching more accurate, so it's easier to find what you're looking for.

We'll keep adding new themed objects as well.

3. MY (Objects)

See which objects you've used or bookmarked.

If you have a favorite object, you can right-click on it and save it as a "favorite." You can also easily pull up your saved objects and use them, making it easier and faster to create your World.

4. Explorer

The Explorer allows you to see and manage the components of your World at a glance.

You can group objects in a hierarchy, and you can easily organize or move them all at once! Keep your hierarchy organized according to the areas you've placed them in, and you'll find it very handy when it comes time to update!

5. World

You can customize the environment of your World, from the terrain to the sky, to different BGMs for different situations and moods.

Let's create a more lively World with various settings!

6. Properties

You can customize the properties of the objects you place, such as location, size, and physics.

Create a high-quality World with more detailed properties!

7. Menu

Open the Menu (hamburger menu) tab to customize your editor experience.

You'll find shortcuts, guides, preferences, and other helpful features!

Camera SpeedAdjust the speed of the camera view from 1 to 5.
Grid SnappingSize Adjust the grid lines on the World floor from 1 to 5.
SoundsToggle on/off BGM + sound effects when placing objects.
TipsTips menu for select/rotate/zoom (scroll)/move (WASD).
LanguageYou can change the language settings (Korean / English / Japanese / Chinese).