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3D Masking



The structure of clothing items in ZEPETO is having a clothing object overlaid on top of the basic body form of the character. Thus, there inevitably becomes meshes that coexist between the clothing object and the BaseBody. As a result, the polygon count as well as the file size are increased.

The areas colored black during the masking process are not read by Unity when converting your item to a prefab file. Therefore, you must undergo the masking process to reduce the polygon count and file size.

STEP 1 : Preparing Masking

First, import the downloaded 3D Mask Object File and the created item object.

STEP 2 : Masking

Select Paint Vertex Tool from Modeling > Mesh Display.


Set the color value as 0, 0, 0 and paint on the BaseBody on the inside where it overlaps with the clothing.




The areas colored black should not be shown outside the clothing. The BaseBody areas that are exposed outside the clothing object must be in white.


STEP 3 : Finishing

When the masking process is complete, select the mask, item object, and joint objects in the Outliner and export them as an FBX file.