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Modeling Setup - Shoes

Setting up the BaseBody

Import the creatorBaseSet_zepeto.fbx file downloaded from the Getting Started section of the guide.

Structure and naming conventions

The Creator Base Set provides the following elements:

  • Base Armature - named "zepeto_creatorBaseSet"
  • Mask base - named "mask"

Creator Base Set fbx file in a blank Blender Scene. Note the size of the floor grid.

Element Details

The mask serves to remove unnecessary faces on the default body that are obscured by the clothing item in the ZEPETO app.
The base armature is the skeleton that powers the movement and poses of the ZEPETO avatar. It can be used in the setup process in 3D modeling, but can otherwise be ignored until the rigging process.
The item you create will be a separate mesh object. Use the following naming system on the mesh object for the type of item you want to create.

Item TypeName

Shoes Guide File

When modeling shoes, use the SH_Guide.fbx file provided on the 3D Modeling - Getting Started page. This file is a reference file for socks to make sure that your shoe item doesn’t intersect with socks.


SH_Guide file contents

The file should contain one element:

  • Shoes_GUIDE

It should align with the default pose of the creator base set. The model doesn't have any skinning data applied to it, and will not move with the skeleton. Additional steps for rigging the shoe guide will be required for shoes that require pose changes to the model.