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In the top left corner of the World Editor screen, you can browse through objects in different themes and categories.

1. Search

If you're looking for an object, use the search function!

It will help you find the object you need quickly and easily. When you look at an object's information, you'll see a variety of tags.

Try entering different keywords related to the object you're looking for. We'll find it for you!

2. Themes/Categories

We've organized objects for each of the following themes: Jump, Amusement Park, City, and more. There are even more themes than before!

You can also customize the categories you need, such as buildings, effects, and more!

3. Object placement and properties

Once you've found an object you like, you can place it wherever you want by tapping on the image.

Tap the i button in the top right corner of the object to view its properties, so you can see what themes and categories each object belongs to and how much it's used as you build your World.

4. Favoriting Objects

If you have objects that you use frequently, the Favorites feature lets you see them all in one place.

  • Tap an object's image and select Favorites.
  • Tap the i button in the top right corner of the object, then tap the star.

The star will fill up and you'll be able to collect your own objects in the Favorites tab. If you'd like to unfavorite an object, tap the star again.