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Promote a Brand or Product

ZEPETO Studio contents can be an effective means of promoting your brand or product. If the content is created with promotional purposes, the intent and content information must be communicated with ZEPETO prior to uploading to ZEPETO Studio. Before registering the content, please ensure that the content complies with the ZEPETO Studio's 'Promotion and Advertisement' and 'Copyright' policies under the Content Guidelines. ZEPETO Studio incorporates the information provided in advance when reviewing the content for approval.

  • All contents uploaded or posted in ZEPETO must meet the ZEPETO Studio guideline requirements.
  • It is the ZEPETO Creator's responsibility to ensure that the promotional event using the approved content is in compliance with the regional and local laws.
  • Even for content that is not applicable to the ZEPETO Studio guidelines, any content that ZEPETO Studio deems inappropriate may not be uploaded or posted, and may be terminated even after the content has been used by other users or sales have been processed or completed.



Please take time to read the regulations below prior to submitting for approval, and submit the content as 'promotional content'.

Definition of 'Promotional Content'

When submitting for approval, whether the content is considered a 'promotional content' will be based on the content, name, icon, description, etc.

  • Any content that contains a logo, brand, product, or a specific person or group's name, image or text is considered promotional content
  • Content that refers to or advertises a logo, brand, product, or a specific person or group's name, image or text is considered promotional content
  • The following items are not considered promotional content.
  • Content celebrating a holiday, idea or a specific theme
  • Content of an artist or a performer not associated with a specific product, but contains a catchphrase or characters
  • Content that references pop culture

Distribute Promotional Content

The content must follow the guidelines below when uploading to ZEPETO Studio.

Item / World

  • When you upload contents to ZEPETO Studio, you can identify whether the content requires licensing information under details.
  • If you are using a famous figure or work that requires a license for the content, you must check "yes" to confirm you have the right to use the subject.
  • Upload the licensing contract or agreement to "Attach a certificate or agreement", and leave a memo.
  • If you are uploading multiple documents, please make sure the file size does not exceed 20MB.

Build it

  • For a BuildIt map that was created with the purpose of promoting a brand, product, or certain person or organization, please contact customer support prior to submitting the map for review.
  • Please include the map code or World ID if submitting in advanced for an accurate and speedy review.
  • Even if you submit in advance, if there is any content that do not follow the guideline, we cannot proceed with the review. (ex. QR code, URL, irrelevant logos, text or image related to an event, portraits that violate portrait rights, etc.)