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This feature allows you to customize the properties of an object such as position, size, rotation, and physics.

1. Name

You can set a name for your object.

You can also see the name of the object in the Explorer window, so try changing it to something more manageable.

2. Transform

You can adjust the position, rotation, and size of the placed object more precisely by entering numerical values.

3. Color

You can change the color of your object to any color you want.

There are 63 colors in the color palette to choose from!

4. Physics

Adjust the friction or bounce effect of colliding objects, or lock them without physics.

Physics: OFF
- The object will not move when it collides with the character.
- If you place them in the air, you can create a jump map.
Physics: ON
- When colliding with a character, the object will be pushed and have a physics effect.
- If gravity is OFF, objects placed in the air will float, but collisions will cause physics effects.
- If it has a low mass, it will be relatively lighter than the character and will have a larger physics effect!
For example, you can flatten a Cube object into a paper-like shape and maximize its mass to create a fluttering effect.

5. Collision

If an object and a character collide, it can be set up to collide or pass through.

Collision: OFF
- If the character and the object collide, the character will be able to pass through.
Collision: ON
- When the character collides with an object, the character will hit the object.