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Release Note

June 22, 2023

World Editor v0.10.0 (Open Beta Test) released!

Compatible ZEPETO App versionRelease Date
3.29.0 or later2023-06-22.

New : Enjoy on the web. A new way to enjoy the World, World Editor!

  • The World Editor is a tool exclusively for creators that makes creating ZEPETO Worlds easier and faster. Start creating new experiences in ZEPETO Studio now!
  • Available in a global Open Beta Test (OBT) version. In this version, we will validate many experiments and provide a more complete creator experience.
  1. Toolbar: A collection of tools you need to create your World.
  2. Objects: Find the objects you're looking for. You can also browse your favorites, saved objects, and recently used objects.
  3. Scene Editor: This is where you can place your objects.
  4. Explorer: You can browse the objects you've placed in the Scene Editor in a list format. You can also parent them for efficient management.
  5. Properties: Allows you to edit the selected object. You can set the position, rotation, and size in more detail, and add colors, physics, and images.

Feature : Lightweight with no installation. Just choose a template.

  • You can always start with a variety of templates from ZEPETO Studio > Create World.
  • The World Editor supports the Google Chrome browser. [Minimum Specifications]

Feature : Save objects with one click. You can take them out and use them anytime.

  • Save objects with one click. You can take them out and use them anytime.
  • Save: Select objects > Right-click > Save
  • Import: Object > MY > Saved Objects

Feature : Unlimited images. You can add a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 320 images.

Feature : Any color you want. You can add up to 63 different colors.

Feature : Safe and easy. Simply apply for a review to make your World playable in the ZEPETO app.

  • Worlds created in the World Editor can be released to the public after applying for a review and passing.
  • Toolbar > Review > Fill in review application information > Submit review

Feature : Create your own World with various combinations. Templates, objects, and background music.

  • The various contents that make up the World are always updated.