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The Toolbar provides essential features for creating Worlds.

You can easily edit the position, size, and rotation of objects, save camera views so you can easily find your saved points, and keep track of object usage at a glance. Let's take a look at the Toolbar features!

Explore the top Toolbar

1SelectSelect an object and place it wherever you want - this is an auto-snap tool that lets you hold down the V key and move the cursor to align the object with the closest vertex.
2MoveYou can change the position of the object by going to 'Properties > Position' and entering a number for more precise placement.
3RotateRotate the object in the direction you want it to go. Enter a number in 'Properties > Rotate' to make it more accurate.
4SizeYou can change the size of the object. Enter a number in 'Properties > Size' to resize it more accurately.
5GridThe grid is a grid that appears at the bottom of the World. You can place objects according to a set grid spacing. You can change the grid size in Menu > Preferences > Grid Snapping Size.
6Grid SnappingYou can turn the grid on or off. When grid snapping is on, objects will be placed consistently according to the set grid size.
7Camera ViewYou can save up to 10 cameras. Select a saved camera to quickly switch to camera view.

8Object UsageYou can check the usage of the objects you have placed in the World.
If you have a lot of objects and their usage is high, it can cause the Zepeto app to take longer to load when entering your World. Objects are categorized into high, medium, and low memory usage. If you're running low on memory, you may want to reduce the number of high memory objects and use low memory objects.
9GuideIf you have any questions while creating your World, feel free to press the button.
-TestI can test how my World is actually playable.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone's camera and you'll be able to play around with the player and make sure your World is perfect!

To learn how to play, save, and review your World, check out RELEASING YOUR ZEPETO World!