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Entering Item Details

STEP 1 : Creating a thumbnail

Making an auto-generated thumbnail

  • Upload item resources in ZEPETO Studio and go to the item details page.
  • On the top of the Item Details page, you can view the automatically uploaded thumbnail.

Modifying the automatic thumbnail

  • Clicking the automatically uploaded thumbnail will allow you to save the image.
  • Edit the saved image according to the Item Guidelines.
  • When you have finished editing, click the Upload file button to upload the edited thumbnail.



Thumbnails can only be registered as PNG files with a transparent background.

STEP 2 : Entering name, category, tags, price, and event information

  • Name: Enter the name of the item that will be shown to users.
  • Category: Select the category that best describes your item. If you used the Template Editor, the category will be selected automatically.
  • Tag: Keywords you add so that users can find your item more easily. Entering keywords that are not relevant or entering too many tags may result in restrictions from being sold.
  • Price: Enter the price of your item.
  • Event: Select an ongoing event if you wish to participate in one.
  • Sale Promotion: Select an ongoing promotion if you wish to participate in one.

STEP 3 : Entering the license information

  • If the item you are registering is relevant to a particular brand or product license, select this option and submit a certificate or contract to prove the fact. If not, select [Not Applicable] in the license information.
  • If the item was created for the purpose of promotion, select [Applicable] for the license information on the details page and write the details on the bottom.


Please refer to the following guide. [Promote a Brand or Product]

STEP 4 : Entering the period and location

  • Period: You can select if the item will be shown immediately following the review or premiered on a specific date.
  • Location: You can select the countries your items will be shown.

STEP 5 : Preview

Previewing on a mobile device

  • In the ZEPETO app's item preview screen, you can preview the ZEPETO wearing my item. Apply the various actions below and check carefully that there are no problems with the item.

Preview using ZEPETO App push notifications

  • In the details page, click the 'Test on your phone' button to send an app push notification to the ZEPETO account logged into ZEPETO Studio. When the push notification arrives, you can tap the corresponding notification on the notification center on your phone to enter the item preview screen.
  • If you have turned push notifications off, you can open the ZEPETO app and press Item Preview in the app's notifications list.

Preview using Copy Link

  • Copy the link and share it over a messaging app. Tap the link on a mobile device to enter the ZEPETO App Item Preview screen.



Before submitting an item, please preview it to see how it applies to your body type.

STEP 6 : Submitting for Evaluation

When everything is ready, click the 'Submit' button and submit your item.