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Explorer is where you can manage and see all of the features of the creator map. It is located on the left menu.

There are two parts to the Explorer--World and Object!

  • World is where you can adjust the terrain, sky, background music and players.


Check out the guide [The Basics] to learn more about terrain, sky, background music and players!

  • Under the Object, you can place an object or see the objects that you have placed.
  • For the objects you have placed, you can select it directly in the map or from the list. (Use the Shift key to select multiple objects)
  • Drag another object tab into an object tab! (Drag & Play)
  • You'll be able to set and manage the Parent Object and the Child Object!
  • Right click to create an Empty Object.
  • Use the Empty Object to organize the Child Objects!
  • Search for objects!
  • Click on the Eye icon to hide/unhide the object from the map.
  • Click on the Lock icon for important objects. This will allow you to not click on the object!

Explorer is where you can see and manage the objects at once. This will help you easily create maps!

Check out the link below to learn how to change object properties!