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Hello everyone! ZEPETO has some great news for map creators!


Get ready for a new experience in ZEPETO Studio that goes beyond build it!

On June 22, the World Editor will be available in a global Open Beta Test (OBT) version.

In this version, we'll be validating many of our experiments and making the creator experience more complete. In this experiment, we'll be observing your experience and listening to your voice to help us lay the groundwork.

If you find any issues or have any suggestions for improvements, please [register a support request].

For additional questions, please check out the FAQs below.

World Editor Open Beta Test FAQ

What is the World Editor?

Q. I'm curious about the World Editor.

The World Editor is a tool exclusively for creators that makes creating ZEPETO worlds easier and faster. Start creating new experiences in ZEPETO Studio now!

  • Available on the web without installation!
  • Save the objects you create, so you can access them at any time!
  • Add up to 320 images!
  • You can freely add your favorite colors!

Q. Can anyone use the World Editor open beta?

  • Those who are subscribed to ZEPETO Studio
  • Those who are not under sanctions from ZEPETO

As long as you meet the above qualifications, you can create worlds with the World Editor during the open beta period.

Q. What's new in World Editor?

World Editor allows you to create worlds on the web without installation. We've added even more content and interactivity to make creating ZEPETO worlds quick and easy. There are a lot of new features, but here are some of the ones we think you'll be most excited about!

Featurebuild itWorld Editor
InstallationWindows/OSX clientStart right in a web browser
Object storageXObject storage/load
Objects usageXUsage of usage (%)
Object selectionSelectSelect + cursor move easily by moving
ImageUp to 20 piecesDesigned up to 320 pieces depending on the resolution
ColorSelect from presetFreely 63 colors (Hex codes)
Extended searchXFavorites/Recent use
Exact searchName searchStrengthening related tag search
Camera viewXSave up to 10 cameras → Fast camera view shift
ColiderXON/OFF setting available
Spacing/sortingXSupport for interval/alignment according to x, y, z standards
Add custom imageMax 20Min 20 ~ Max 320 depending on the resolution

Q. What will happen to my existing build it operations?

The existing build it and the new World Editor will run concurrently. However, there is no compatibility between build it and the World Editor. If you want to create a world, please choose one of the two editors.
Creating a World

Creating a World

Q. Where can I create in the World Editor?

The World Editor is available in ZEPETO Studio. (Optimized for Chrome browser)

  • Access and log in to ZEPETO Studio > Create > Select World > Select a template at the bottom (World Editor template list)

Once you've selected your favorite template, it's time to create your world.

When you click on a template, you will be redirected to the World Editor page.
You can check out the main features of the World Editor here!

Q. Can I see the usage of my objects?

In the World Editor, you can see the usage of your objects directly.
In the right toolbar [Usage], you can see the total usage of all the objects you have placed so far.

This excludes the world's main memory, such as terrain, sky, etc.

[Usage by High, Medium, and Low].

  • Low: Blue
  • Medium: Green
  • High: Orange

Q. I'm curious about how to create a world.

Check out the guides below to help you get the most out of the World Editor!

  • General: An overview of the main features of the World Editor! If you're new to the World Editor, let's take a look at what it has to offer.
  • Objects : Objects are the core of world creation, and we'll introduce the features of objects so you can make the most of them!

Q. I lost my world data, can I recover it?

If you have previously saved data, you can recover it.

  1. Click the top left menu > Saved History, and check the point in time you want to recover.
  2. Click the Restore button.

Q. How do I test my world?

Once you've finished creating your world, test it before you submit it for the last time - it's a great way to experience your world in action!

  1. To test your world in the Editor
    1. If you click the [Play] button in the upper right corner of the Editor screen, you can easily test your world in the ZEPETO app by scanning the QR code! Open the camera app on your smartphone with the ZEPETO app installed, scan the QR code, and the test link will be activated.
  2. Testing on the world submission screen
    1. You can register an account to test with you as a tester and copy and share the test link. However, you will not be able to access the test link after you submit your world.Q. 월드 테스트는 어떻게 하나요?

Q. What is a World ID?

A World ID is a unique way to represent your world.

The World ID can be entered during the first save in the World Editor and saved as

  • Alphanumeric (A-Z, a~z) , numeric (0-9), or hyphen (-). Periods ( . ) are allowed
  • Generated IDs cannot be modified

However, according to the ZEPETO community guidelines, inappropriate words are not allowed.

Q. Where can I see my created world?

Once you have created a world, you can generate a world ID by clicking the Save button. You can see the created world in the My Content list. Click the [World Editor] button to switch to the editor screen.

Submit a review

Q. How do I submit a review?

When you've finished creating your world, click the [Submit Review] button on the top right of the Editor page.

On the World Details screen, please fill out the following information carefully.

  • World name/description/category/tags
  • Cover and screenshots
  • License information
  • Multi-language availability



If your world is created for promotional purposes, you will need to provide license information when uploading to ZEPETO Studio. For more information, please refer to the Promoting your brand or product guide.

Q. What are the judging criteria?

ZEPETO Studio's guidelines follow the ZEPETO Community Guidelines.
Please check out the World Editor criteria here.

Q. I want to cancel my world's review.

Whether or not you can cancel your review depends on the status of your submitted world.

  • Before review (Submitted status): Cancel your submission by tapping "Cancel submission" in the More menu to the right of the submitted version. You can then incorporate your changes and resubmit.
  • Under review: You can't cancel your submission if it's already under review. After the review is complete, create a new version to incorporate your changes and resubmit.

Q. I can't submit a world.

You will not be able to submit a world in the World Editor if any of the following apply to you

  • You have account sanctions at the time of submission
  • Users with more than 20 completed, reviewed worlds at the time of submission


Q. I can't get the World Editor to work.

The World Editor is currently only available on Chrome. Please try using a Chrome browser.

The following device specifications are required to run World Editor.
Please make sure that your device meets the minimum specifications below and has enough memory space for smooth world creation.

Operating systemWindows 10 or Mac OS Mojave or later
BrowserGoogle Chrome (v113 or later)
CPUintel i5 or higer
Memory8 GB RAM or more
GraphicGeforce GTX 660 or higher
Direct X10 or more
Resolution1280x720 or higer
Free Space1GB or more

Q. How many people are the world's largest entrance?

The world made by World Editor can be entered up to 16 people.