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Logic Object

We'll introduce you to an object that can interact with the character in the World Editor.

Use the logic object to create a more dynamic World!

1. Teleport : Save Point/Portal

You can use the two objects to create a telephone mobile device. (Left: save point / Right: portal)

  1. As shown in the first image, the Save Point is activated when the character touches the save point object.
  2. Go to Portal object and click on >> button to move to the last Save Point Object!

2. Damage : Spin blade

If you collide with the obstacle object, you can move to the Spawn point. (Spin Blade)

Create a more fun World using obstacles objects!


If you search for 'Damage' in the object search window, you can check the object that moves to the spawn point when a collision.

3. Play Records : Timer Start, Timer Finish

You can measure the World play record using two objects. (Left: Timer Start / Right: Timer Finish)

  1. Go near the Timer Start object and click on the Rheel button .
  2. You can check the play record at the top of the screen!
  3. Finally, when the character touches the Timer Finish object, the play record is recorded!

4. Action Control : Bench, Umbrella, Easel, Locker

You can use the action control object to make the character's poses or the Attach object!

  1. Go near the deployed behavior control object and click on the Rheel button .
  2. You can pose or randomly hold the Attach object.


If you select 'Interaction' from the Objects> Category, you can see an object that can be poses or an attack.