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Preparing Modeling - Clothing



Basic T-Shirt / Blouson Jumper / Woolen Skirt / Wide Pants

STEP 1 : Setting the BaseBody

First, load the BaseBody with the downloaded file

  • This file includes the mask (mask) and joints (hips).
  • The mask (mask) removes unnecessary mesh in the body that will not be visible after clothing models are applied.
  • Joints (hips) are rig joints that act as the 3D skeleton.
  • Designate an object name that suits the category of the item you are creating.


Object names are indicated in English in [Preparing 3D Modeling]. ex) Dress -> DR

Take the mask (mask) and joints (hips) outside the group and delete the ZEPETO_creatorBaseSet which became a blank group.

To create clothing more easily, set the RotateZ value of shoulder_L and shoulder_R to -7.5 and the RotateZ value of upperArm_L and upperArm_R to -40.


When you adjust the Rotate value, the mask (mask) turns into an A-pose as shown below.

STEP 2 : Setting the clothing guide

By clicking File > Import > TOP_BTM_Dummy.fbx, load the top and bottom modeling guide dummy you previously downloaded.

  • The TOP_Guide is used for creating tops and BTM_Guide is used for creating bottoms.
  • When creating bottoms, you cannot exceed the TOP_Guide range.
  • When creating tops, you cannot exceed the BTM_Guide range.


When you are creating a whole set of clothing, you can exceed the range of the guides.