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Registering a World Cover and Screenshot

World Covers and Screenshots are used to help other users learn about and get excited about your World before they play it, so it's a good idea to upload images that represent your World.

Here's how to submit a World cover and screenshot, and what you need to keep in mind.



Please note that you cannot edit the cover and screenshots after the World has been submitted!

If you've already submitted your World and want to edit the cover and screenshots, you'll need to create a new version before doing so.

Uploading a World Cover and Screenshots

In ZEPETO Studio, select the version for which you want to register a cover and screenshots.

You can upload the cover and screenshots from the [Basic Info] screen of that version.

Once you've finished uploading your image resources, you'll see your registered images as shown in the screen below.

If you haven't submitted your World yet, you can change or delete the image by clicking the More menu in the top right corner of the image you've already attached.

World Cover Guide

The cover is the first representative image that users see. Please consider the following recommendations to ensure that your cover is the best representation of your World.

Resolution: 1024*1024 (1:1)
File format: JPEG, JPG, PNG extensions supported
File size: less than 8MB
If you submit an image that doesn't relate to the World, isn't complete, or doesn't meet the guidelines, it may be rejected.


Please note that there is a delay of about 10 minutes between submitting a cover image and it being considered.

World Screenshot Guide

Screenshots are a great way to showcase your World in more detail by showing the World in action. Please consider the following guidelines to ensure that your screenshot is the best representation of your World.

Resolution: 1280*720 (16:9)
File format: JPEG, JPG, PNG extensions supported
File size: less than 8 MB
If you attach multiple screenshots, they will be displayed in the order of the attached images.


However, there may be a delay of about 10 minutes after the screenshot is registered before it is reflected.



Images that are irrelevant to the World, incomplete, or do not meet the guidelines may be rejected.

Please review the submission guidelines before submitting.


Please refer to the following guides. [World Guidelines]