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Tax Guide for Korean Creators

The settlement amount shown in ‘Proceeds’ in the ‘Payment’ menu is the amount withheld (exclude) for certain commission and income tax from ZEPETO. Income generated by ZEPETO creators may be taxable.

  • For the convenience of creators, ZEPETO will manage the withholding tax.
  • The withholding rate will vary from 3.3% to 22% depending on the creator’s location and income.

In Korea, the annual tax filing period is in May. During that period, the annual income is settled through the tax return. Depending on your income and expenses, you may need to pay more taxes or receive a refund. Since it is a comprehensive review of your income and expenses for the year, we recommend that you file your tax return with the National Tax Service individually to calculate income tax more accurately.

  • Naver Z Corporation: Company Registration Number 683-88-01933