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Measuring your character's height

In this guide, we will show you how to measure the height of a local player's ZEPETO character according to the body type.

STEP 1 : Write a script to get the height value of the character

Add a GameObject to the Scene and add the CharacterHeight example script below.

import { Debug, HumanBodyBones, Vector3, WaitForEndOfFrame } from 'UnityEngine';
import { LocalPlayer, ZepetoPlayers, ZepetoPlayer, KnowSockets } from 'ZEPETO.Character.Controller';
import { ZepetoScriptBehaviour } from 'ZEPETO.Script';

export default class CharacterHeight extends ZepetoScriptBehaviour {

    Start() {    
        ZepetoPlayers.instance.OnAddedLocalPlayer.AddListener(() => {
            let _player: LocalPlayer = ZepetoPlayers.instance.LocalPlayer;

    *CoGetZepetoHeight(zepeto: ZepetoPlayer) {
        // Use WaitForEndOfFrame to accurately obtain the joint positions of the character.
        yield new WaitForEndOfFrame();

        // Get the position of the head.
        const headPosition = zepeto.character.GetSocket(KnowSockets.HEAD_UPPER).position;

        // Get the position of the left foot.
        const leftFootPosition = zepeto.character.ZepetoAnimator.GetBoneTransform(HumanBodyBones.LeftFoot).position;

        // Get the position of the right foot.
        const rightFootPosition = zepeto.character.ZepetoAnimator.GetBoneTransform(HumanBodyBones.RightFoot).position;

        // Calculate the midpoint between the two feet.
        const characterCenter = Vector3.Lerp(leftFootPosition, rightFootPosition, 0.5);

        // Calculate the distance between the head and the character center.
        const characterHeight = Vector3.Distance(headPosition, characterCenter);
        console.log(`Character Height From Ground: ${characterHeight}`);

Script Description

  • *CoGetZepetoHeight(zepeto: ZepetoPlayer)
    • Use GetSocket to get the character's head socket position value.
    • To obtain the position value of the bottom center of the character, use GetBoneTransform to obtain the position value of both feet of the character.
    • Use Vector3.Lerp to get the character's bottom center position value.
    • Obtain the character's Height value using the character's head socket and the center bottom position value.

STEP 2 : Run

When you run it by clicking the Play button, you can see the character's Height value in the console log.



  • The way to measure the height in the example is to measure the character's height using the height value of the HeadSocket.
  • If you would like to measure the top position by modeling the character's head, hat, and accessories, please refer to the following link :