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If you want to learn in detail about the basic mechanisms of creating ZEPETO World and the features provided by the core packages, please refer to the guide in this section.

The categories are organized according to the learning sequence.

The various topics covered in this category include:

ZEPETO World development uses ZEPETOScript, which is based on TypeScript. We provide examples while learning the concepts and syntax of ZEPETOScript.
Players & Characters: Basics
One of the most significant features of ZEPETO World development is the ability to load ZEPETO avatars into the world, manipulate them directly, and utilize them in various ways. We provide examples while learning the concepts and APIs related to ZEPETO players and characters.
Players & Characters: Advanced
After learning the basics, you will also be able to create and control bot players and NPCs. Additionally, explore topics such as implementing teleportation, custom animations, and modifying character appearances.
Implement various gestures for the ZEPETO characters loaded in the world.
ZEPETO World provides basic text chat between users connected to a room by default.
In addition to basic chat, you can also implement voice chat, quick chat, and customize the chat being sent and received.
Use screenshot and screen recording features to document experiences in the world and upload them to the ZEPETO feed.
We provide prefabs that retrieve the follower/following list of your ZEPETO account.
We also provide a leaderboard that records competition according to the concept of the world.
We easily provide the function of moving between worlds you have created.
This allows you to offer an extended and continuous experience.
Learn about server-client communication essential for multiplayer implementation, Room state, and DataStorage for storing user data on the ZEPETO server,
We also provide more advanced content, such as using HTTP communication.
Learn how to make money in the world. Item creators can create their own showroom with the mannequin feature. ZEPETO Studio's product package sells products in the world, and you can create various products with paid gems and world-specific currency.
Make your world more visually appealing with lighting settings.
Interacting with Objects
Learn how to interact with objects and provide examples.
User Interface
Provide a user-friendly experience through the use of gyro sensors and runtime screen orientation adjustments.