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The leaderboard is a module that provides functions for saving and managing each player's rankings and high scores.

STEP 1 : Create a Leaderboard

To create a leaderboard, select the [Get LeaderboardInfo] button in ProjectSettings → Zepeto → ZepetoLeaderboard menu.

Select [Add Leaderboard] to add a new leaderboard.

If there is a leaderboard that already exists, the leaderboard will appear on the settings screen.

STEP 2 : Customize a Leaderboard

The pop up window shown below will appear when the [Add Leaderboard] button is selected. You will be able to adjust each parameter values.

NameLeaderboard name
Update RuleScore update rules
Max scoreRecord the user's highest score
Min scoreRecord user's lowest score
Accumulate scoreAdd user's scores and save as a record
ResetInfo(s)You can set a period for the scores to reset.
- This is helpful if the leaderboard needs to be updated every season.
- The scores will not be reset by default, but you can make adjustments by setting reset periods (monthly, weekly, daily).

STEP 3 : Set score reset

Score reset rules are as follows:

NoneScores will not reset
DayScores will reset daily at the set time (ex. daily ranking)
WeekScores will reset weekly on the set date and time (ex: weekly ranking)
MonthScores will reset monthly on the set date and time (ex: monthly ranking; the max Day value is 31, but if the month does not have 31 days, it will automatically adjust to the last day of the month)

STEP 4 : Leaderboard ID

To use ZEPETOScript and leaderboard, you must have the Leaderboard ID information.

To access the Leaderboard information, you can go to Settings (under Edit in the Project Settings menu, go to Zepeto → Zepeto Leaderboard → Edit), or load from ZEPETOScript api.


Please refer to the following guide. [Searching Leaderboard Details]



  • Once the reset rule is set, the leaderboard cannot be modified.
  • To change the Reset Rule, you must create a new leaderboard.
  • Reset time is based on UTC+0. Offset will be provided so that the time zone can be changed in the future.