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Multiplay Room

Room Connection Process


Room Connection Process

  1. Request connection from client

  2. ZEPETO Multiplay server generates the Client Session and connects to Room

  3. If Room is successfully connected

    • share the Room ID and Session ID connected to the client
  4. If the client cannot access the Room

    • generate a new Room and connect

Server API

The server code should be implemented in World.multiplay package → index.ts file.


Server provides the following Room Lifecycle events:

Room Lifecycle EventDescription
onCreate(options: SandboxOptions)Called once room has been created. Room initialize logic can be added here.
onJoin(client: SandboxPlayer)Called when the client joined the room.
The parameter client (SandboxPlayer) contains the client's sessionId identifier.
onLeave(client: SandboxPlayer, consented?: boolean)Called when the client left the room.
The parameter consented is true when the disconnect is requested by the client.
onTick(deltaTime: number)Step interval event call on server side, the interval time can be set in SandboxOptions.
(tickInterval : 100ms)



  • The OnLeave() event occurs when you press 'Home button > Leave' in the upper left corner during mobile test status.
    • The OnLeave() event does not occur in the Unity editor.

If you're interested in the ZEPETO.Multiplay Server API, refer to the documentation:


Please refer to the following guide. [ZEPETO.Multiplay(Server) API]

Client API

ZepetoWorldMultiplay component provides an interface for clients to subscribe to the World play session (Room) events from ZEPETO Multiplay server.

List of available events:

Room EventListenerDescription
RoomCreated(Room)Called when a Room is created and accessible. Provides a Room parameter.
RoomJoined(Room)Called when a Room is connected. Provides a Room parameter.
RoomLeave(RoomLeaveEvent)Called when disconnecting from a Room.
Provides a RoomLeaveEvent parameter.
RoomReconnected(Room)Called when the corresponding Room is reconnected. Provides a Room parameter.
RoomError(RoomErrorEvent)Called when an error occurs in the corresponding Room.
Provides a RoomErrorEvent parameter.
RoomWeakConnectionCalled when the connection is unstable.