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Managing Open API


ZEPETO Studio will provide many of the features creators need through our Open API.

Generate Open API Key

You can manage your Open API key in Profile > Settings.

Press the Generate Open API key button to issue a key.

  • Access Key: Used for user authentication. Can be re-verified after issuance.
  • Secret Key: A secret key to protect user authentication. Cannot be re-verified after issuance.
  • Issued Date: The date the Open API key was issued.



Secret key can only be verified once per year upon issuance and cannot be verified again after that, so be sure to store it separately in a safe place.

With 3 keys issued, an error occurs when attempting to issue more.

Delete Open API Key

You can delete each issued key via More (...) menu on the right.


Please refer to the following guide. [ZEPETO Studio API reference]