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List of key Open API error codes

When the API request value is invalid or an error occurs during the handling process, the JSON body with the following form will be returned with the HTTP status code.

	 "message": "<Error Message>"

The key error codes are as follows.


Occurs when authentication information, such as uri_hash or body_hash, is incorrect.


Occurs when the api for another person's World is called instead of yours.


Occurs when the api is requested more than 300 times in 1 minute.


Occurs when there is an error due to various reasons in the operation of the api.

Details of the error can be seen through the message field of the response.

CommonUNKNOWNUnknown error.
Please check whether you have used the api correctly.
Giving a Giftitem is not existThere is no item to be sent as a gift.
Giving a Giftpossible after 30 days from account creationYou can send gifts after 30 days of creating an account.
Giving a Giftreceiver already haveThe recipient already has this item.
Giving a Giftmessage not appropriateInvalid message.
Giving a Giftcan not send yourselfYou cannot send gifts to yourself.
Giving a Giftitem is not validThe item cannot be sent as a gift right now.
Giving a Giftitem price changedThe price of the item has been changed. Please try again.
Giving a Giftreceiver not allowed to accept giftThe recipient has not enabled gift receiving. Please guide them to change their settings to allow receiving gifts.