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The submission has been rejected due to optimization issues

Review rejections due to optimization problems typically occur in the following three situations.

Please refer to the following content and optimization guide to proceed with optimization work and minimum specification testing.

After that, press "Release as a new version" in ZEPETO Studio and request for review again.

Reason for RejectionCause and Resolution
Entry Error: Unable to enter the world- If your world supports multiplayer, make sure that multiplayer elements are well implemented. Before submitting it for review, test for gameplay issues using the testing link available in ZEPETO Studio.
- Even if the world is not optimized, entry may not be possible. Please refer to the [Optimization Guide] and proceed with optimization.
Gameplay Error: During world play on minimum specification devices such as iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, the ZEPETO app is forcibly terminated.- According to the review criteria, the RAM requirement is 2GB. Even without the same device, memory optimization can be carried out through the runtime profiler.
- Also, the review process assumes that the maximum number of people can join your world. Please check the operation to ensure that users experience your world smoothly in a multiplayer environment.
Camera Error: When taking a picture with the camera on the minimum devices such as iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, the ZEPETO app is forcibly terminated.- There is most likely an error in the implementation of the screenshot feature. Please check the [Screenshot Guide].
- Make sure that all camera functions are working properly, including shutter, feed, and in-device storage.



  • If the guide doesn't work for you, please contact us through the Tech-questions channel on the Official Discord with your World ID and details.