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Controlling ZEPETO camera fixation

The ZEPETO camera is set to follow the player's ZEPETO character.
This guide will show you how to prevent the ZEPETO camera from following your ZEPETO character at runtime.

Step 1 : Write a script

  • Add a GameObject to the Scene and include the RuntimeCamera example script below.
import { ZepetoScriptBehaviour } from 'ZEPETO.Script';
import { ZepetoCamera, ZepetoPlayers } from 'ZEPETO.Character.Controller';
import { Button } from 'UnityEngine.UI';
export default class RuntimeCamera extends ZepetoScriptBehaviour {
    public turnOnBtn: Button;
    public turnOffBtn: Button;
    private _myCamera: ZepetoCamera;
    Start() {   
        ZepetoPlayers.instance.OnAddedLocalPlayer.AddListener(() => {
            this._myCamera = ZepetoPlayers.instance.LocalPlayer.zepetoCamera
        this.turnOffBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {
        this.turnOnBtn.onClick.AddListener(() => {

Step 2 : Run

  • If you press the Pause button, you will notice that the ZEPETO camera no longer follows the player character and remains fixed in place.

  • When you press the Resume button, you can see that the camera follows the character again.