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Obby template

SummaryIt is a simple jumping World where you reach your goal by stepping on objects floating in the air.
DifficultyFor Beginners
GenrePlatform jump and run, object movement, Obby


Obby Template Download

How to play

  • Please open the Obby template project in Unity.
  • Double-click the Obby Scene to open it.
  • After logging into your ZEPETO account in the Unity editor, press the Play button to start playing.
  • A local player is spawned at the starting platform. The goal is to maneuver the local player to reach the finish line.
  • If the local player falls from a platform above a certain height, they will respawn at the last platform they were on.
  • A Fall Platform will descend after a set time when stepped on.
  • Contact with a Trap will send the player back to the last visited checkpoint.
  • Moving Platforms travel back and forth along a set path. You need to move at the right time to pass.
  • A congratulations screen appears when the local player reaches the finish line.

Features included in the template

  • ZEPETO Character Generation
  • Checkpoint functionality
  • Platforms that move along a set path
  • Platforms that drop after a set time when stepped on
  • Obstacle platforms
  • Congratulations screen

Resources included in the template

  • UI image resources and prefabs
  • Platform object
  • Background Skybox image

Application guide

  • If you're new to world development, start by experimenting with the Obby template.
  • Feel free to experiment with different level designs.
  • Apply your own design by changing art resources.
  • You can change the direction and speed of the Moving Platform.
  • You can adjust the delay time of the Fall Platform.
  • Make the Trap harder to avoid by changing its size.
  • Consider expanding it into a multiplayer world.

Precautions when using templates

  • The intellectual property rights, including copyright, for this template are owned by “NAVER Z” and its affiliates. For more information, please refer to the following link. [ZEPETO World SDK License and terms]
  • This template is provided for free use exclusively within ZEPETO World. Any usage of this template outside of the ZEPETO World platform is strictly prohibited.
  • When submitting a world for review through this template, the review may be rejected if it is similar to a previously released world. Therefore, it is recommended to change resources such as backgrounds and objects within the scene.