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Typescript Compiler is not working properly.

If the TS Compiler icon is inactive or the error message “System.Exception: typescript install failed.” appears in the Unity console log, the issue might be related to the project or folder.
Please try the following methods:

Verify Your Computer’s Name

Check your computer’s name. If it’s not in English, this error may occur. Please change your computer name to English.

Review the Project

OS common

  • If special symbols such as spaces or languages ​​other than English (non-ASCII) are used in the Unity project name and path, the project may not operate properly.
  • ZEPETO world can only be developed in Unity version 2020.3.9f1. If you are using a Unity version other than 2020.3.9f1, you might experience this issue. Please check your Unity version.

  • If the problem above is not the same, please try deleting the Library folder and restarting Unity Editor.

For Windows Users

  • If the Unity project folder exists in My Documents or on the desktop, the project may not operate properly due to permission issues.
    Please move the Unity project folder to the C drive.


Troubleshooting The Editor

  • If you are using Windows 11, Unity Editor may not work properly due to compatibility issues with Unity Editor 2020 version.
    We recommend using Windows 10 version.