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V-Pad Customize

V-Pad Customize

You can control the V-Pad using ScreenTouchPad and ScreenButton.

You can turn V-Pad On/Off from UIController_TouchPad_Horizontal, and UIController_TouchPad_Vertical Prefab.

Below is how it looks with Touch Pad turned off. You can turn the Jump Button off the same way.

Double Jump Setting


Double Jump

You can start using it from World Package 1.1.6.

Setting Up through V-Pad Prefab

Please set up as below if you're using Double Jump through V-Pad Button.

  1. Click on the UIController_TouchPad_Vertical or UIController_TouchPad_Horizontal prefab.
  1. Select Jump from the Prefab list.

  1. As seen below, click the + button from OnPointDownEvent() and drag the UIController_TouchPad_Vertical or UIController_TouchPad_Horizontal from the Object slot to set up.

  1. Click the No Function part, then set up the UIZepetoPlayerControl > DoubleJump() function.
  1. If it's set up like below, it's a success.

How to Set Up through Custom Button

If you are going to create your own button to use, please add the script as seen below.

import { ZepetoScriptBehaviour } from 'ZEPETO.Script';
import { Button } from 'UnityEngine.UI';
import { CharacterState, ZepetoCharacter, ZepetoPlayers } from 'ZEPETO.Character.Controller';

export default class JumpButton extends ZepetoScriptBehaviour {

    public shotButton: Button;
    private zepetoCharacter: ZepetoCharacter;

    Start() {
        // Create character
        ZepetoPlayers.instance.OnAddedLocalPlayer.AddListener(() => {
            this.zepetoCharacter = ZepetoPlayers.instance.LocalPlayer.zepetoPlayer.character;
        // Add script component
        this.shotButton.onClick.AddListener(() => {
            if (this.zepetoCharacter.CurrentState === CharacterState.Jump) {
            } else {