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World Currency

Create a currency that can only be used in that world. You can earn money by bundling currencies and selling them as currency packages.
After creating a currency in the studio, it can be used normally only when the integration work in Unity is completed.


'Currency' refers to all goods used in the world. Currencies can be packaged into currencies and sold for ZEM.

  • Currency packages sold as ZEM become revenue that can be directly exchanged.
  • User DB related to currency can be viewed and edited in 'Balance' in the 'Data Management' menu.


Please refer to the following guide. [Monetize Your World! Setting Up Products and Currencies]

When creating a currency, the required information is as follows.

  • Currency ID: This is a unique identifier for the item. Only lowercase letters (a-z) numbers (0-9) and special characters (_) (.) can be used.
  • Currency name: This is the currency name exposed to users.


Process of applying world currency

  • Create your own currency and sell that currency as ZEM
  1. Create a new currency in the 'Currency' menu in the studio.
  2. Make the currency in the form of a currency package that can be sold as ZEM in Product > Currency Package.
  3. Connect the created currency package in Unity.
  4. When a user purchases an in-game currency package, ZEM revenue is generated and user data is automatically saved in Data Management > Balance.
  5. The data stored in the balance DB is retrieved through the API and paid to the user.
  • Create your own currency and sell items in that currency
  1. Create a new currency in the 'Currency' menu in the studio.
  2. When creating an item from a product, set the price to the currency created in the world.
  3. Sell the item in Unity.
  4. When selling, user currency information is read from the currency DB and deducted.