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Submitting for Review

When you have completed filing out all the information and registering the file to the version of the world you’d like to release, you can submit it for Review. Once the world has passed the Review, it will be officially released in ZEPETO.

Stages of Review are: Submitted → In review → Published(or Rejected).



The studio team reviews your item in detail before it is serviced to users to make sure that it follows the criteria below.
ZEPETO Terms of Service
ZEPETO Studio Terms of Service
ZEPETO Studio Content Guidelines
ZEPETO World Guidelines
ZEPETO World SDK License and terms

Manage Release

Release Method

Before submitting for review, you can manage your release schedule by setting up your release method in the Manage Releases tab.

The release date can only be set up to 30 days in the future and will reflect the user's local time zone.

Worlds with a release date will be moved to the [Scheduled] status after review approval.

In the [Scheduled] state, the world is not exposed as it has not actually been released.

If you want to release the world without waiting for the release date, you can use the Immediate Publishing feature to release the world.

Released Country

On the Manage Release tab, you can set release countries to release your world only in certain countries.

Users in countries excluded from the launch will not be able to view/access the world.

Release Notification

The Manage Releases tab has added the Send Notifications option, which allows you to send notifications when a world is released.

Depending on the version status of the world, notifications will be sent to different audiences.

  • Newly released worlds: Send notifications to all followers
  • Updated worlds: Send notifications to users who have played the world within 30 days.

Send notifications option can only be set for all country releases, and for worlds that are only available in certain countries, don't send notification option is automatically selected.



Release notifications may be sent up to 10 minutes later, depending on the situation.

Make a submission

You can submit your world by clicking on the [Submit for review] button in the [File registration] tab.

You can not alter the information or file of that version after submission. If you wish to make any changes, click the [Cancel review] button in the More menu on the right.



If your world has been created for promotion purposes, you must submit the relevant information when uploading it to ZEPETO Studio. For more details, please refer to the Guidelines For Promoting Brands or Products.

  • Evaluation may take up to 2 business weeks excluding weekends and holidays.


If you wish to shorten the evaluation time, sign up for a Premium membership!

Review finished - Published

If your world has no problems, the review will be completed and the world will be automatically released.
Once the world has been released, it will be exposed to all users of ZEPETO and any user will be able to visit the world at any time.

If you want to deactive your world, use the [Stop release] function in the More menu on the right.
If you haven’t made any changes to the world after stopping release, you may re-release the world without further review.

If you want to see your released world in ZEPETO, click the [Sign into ZEPETPO World] link.
Once you have clicked the link, a popup will appear that will allow you to move to the world that you have released.

If you wish to change a world that has already been released, you need a version update.


Please refer to the following guide. [Updating World Version]

Review finished - Rejected

If the submitted world violates the Review Guidelines, or if there are problems when playing the world, it may be rejected.

Reasons for rejection can be seen through the status link in [Released].
You may ask for another review by creating a new version of the world through the [Add a new version] button on the left.