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Using the ZEPETO asset package

You can install asset packages for each official ZEPETO theme and use them to create Worlds.

Continuous updates will be provided for ZEPETO asset packages.

STEP 1 : Package Manager Settings

Click the Window → Package Manager button to open the Package Manager.

Click the Advanced button on the top right of the Package Manager window and select Advanced Project Settings.

At the Package Manager category in Project Settings, go to the bottom right of Scope and click the (Add) button.
Enter the asset in the newly-added entry slot and click the Apply button.

STEP 2 : ZEPETO Asset Package Installation

After following the instructions in STEP 1, click on the Window → Package Manager button to open the Package Manager.
You can check the list of distributed assets by selecting Packages: My Registries.
You can install and use the package of your choice.

After the installation is complete, you can load a Sample Scene of the selected Asset Package.
Click the Samples at the right and select Import.



You can view the added Sample Scene in the Assets > Samples folder.

From the subfolder of the installed package, select the preferred object prefab to use it.



  • If you have been using a Buildit Theme Package, prefabs that use the same resources might not appear properly.
  • In such a case, you will need to Remove the Build It Theme Package in the Package Manager.