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ZEPETO World SDK License and terms

NAVER Z and its affiliates hold the proprietary rights and intellectual property rights to 3D assets, 2D assets, ZEPEPO World package, sounds, software, programs, products, services, and all other means of creation (including but not limited to text, image, graphic, music, video, template, extractor, plug-in, and API, SDK, etc. necessary to provide each item mentioned above) (the “Creative Tools”) provided by NAVER Z through ZEPETO Studio and ZEPETO that you may use to make the Asset. When you download or use the Creative Tools to create Assets, you must comply with the ZEPETO Studio Terms of Use (Link) and ZEPETO Terms of Use (Link). In particular, the ZEPETO World Package is a package created and distributed by NAVER Z, so please comply with the ZEPETO Studio Terms of Use.

You must use the Creative Tools as provided by NAVER Z, and any act of copying, distributing, modifying, editing, altering, transforming, or extracting resources from all or part of the Creative Tools without prior consent from NAVER Z is strictly prohibited. You must use Creative Tools only for the purpose of creating ZEPETO World, and cannot use them for any other purpose without prior permission from NAVER Z.

If you use the Creative Tools for any other purpose, or if you violate the ZEPETO Studio Terms of Use and the ZEPETO Terms of Use, you will be liable for such violation.