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Swing Bones

Swing bones basic rules

Add _physics_[A]_[B]_[C] at the back of the name of the parent joint for the joints that need swing bones.

  • [A], [B], and [C] are the values of drag, angleDrag, and restoreDrag respectively (numbers only).
  • Adding a _physics setting value to a parent joint will enable it to be applied to the child joint.
  • If you wish to set different values for each joint, add _physics_[A]_[B]_[C] to the end of the name of the corresponding joints.

Swing bone value

  • Drag: Adds an overall swaying effect. The lower the value is, the greater the swing becomes. The higher the value is, the more stiff the movement becomes. The adequate value range is 7-17.
  • Angle drag: Adjusts the joint rotation angle. The lower the value is, the more the joint rotates. The higher the value is, the less the joint rotates. The adequate value range is 10-25.
  • Restore drag: Adjusts the degree of the joints moving back to their original positions. The lower the value is, the slower the movement becomes as if the object is in a body of water. The higher the value, the more instant the object returns to the original position, making the movement look rather stiff. The adequate value range is 15-30.
    ex) [JointName]_physics_10_15_20(10 is the drag value, 15 is the angle drag, and 20 is the restore drag value.)

Precautions for swing bones

  • If the joints are too close to each other or there are too many joints, the movements will look unnatural.
  • It is recommended to use 2-5 added joint trees.
  • Align the joints (otherwise, there may be problems when the rotation value is calculated).
  • When entering the value, use the basic value of _physics_10_15_20 and make small adjustments.
  • Check that the modeling does not collapse and distribute the weight values.

Precautions for making swing bones for hair

  • When swing bone hair sways, make sure that the inside does not show. Particularly, when making fringes and bangs, make sure the hair does not go inside the face when it moves.
  • For long hair, make sure the unnecessary weights are not going inside other places.



It is recommended to not set swing bones for bangs.