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Build it Guidelines

  • All contents uploaded or posted in ZEPETO must meet the ZEPETO Studio guideline requirements.
  • Even for content that is not applicable to the ZEPETO Studio guidelines, any content that ZEPETO Studio deems inappropriate may not be uploaded or posted, and may be terminated even after the content has been used by other users or sales have been processed or completed.
  • ZEPETO Studio guidelines comply with ZEPETO Community guidelines.


The size of the creator map's thumbnail has been changed(V0.18.0).

Thumbnail size can now be registered to fit 1024x1024pt(1:1) in the new Build it version. Please update Build it to the latest version so that your map can look more attractive.
Update to the latest version

Build it Thumbnail Guideline


Make sure your thumbnails meet the requirements:

  • 1024x1024pt(1:1) resolution size
  • Include characteristics of the map and/or clear texts(map name)
  • Include a character that fits the map and the map name


The following thumbnails may be rejected during the review process:

(FAQ) My thumbnail was rejected for being an 'incomplete thumbnail'

  • Does not meet 1024x1024px(1:1) thumbnail size
  • PNG image format with transparent background
  • Large empxy spaces such as a sky
  • Unorganized texts
  • Low-resolution thumbnail
  • Includes PC screen or menu
  • Images irrelevant to the map

Build it Resource Guideline


Contents included in maps such as objects, screenshots, etc. must meet the guidelines. Examples of resources that may be rejected are:

  • Resources that are incomplete(ex: less than 20 objects)
  • Resources that do not output correctly within ZEPETO services due to errors or special reasons(ex: too many objects)
  • Map registered as a test
  • Contains or references other contents or brands (such as images, games, broadcasting, etc.) in custom object images
  • Maps unrelated to keywords.


If you have any questions about our Studio Guidelines, please contact our support center.