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STEP 1 : Preparations

Download the Eyelashes Guide(EYELASHES_GUIDE.psd) file from ZEPETO Studio.

Open the downloaded file in Photoshop.

  • The guide file includes textures for the eyelashes area.

STEP 2 : Creating your item

In the eyelashes area, design your idea and without the eyelash layer (background) showing, save the image as a .PNG file with alpha.

  • Do not draw outside the eyelashes area.

Open Unity and apply the saved .PNG file on the Eyelash area to test.

  • Drag no. 2 to no. 3 to apply.
  • The color value for no. 3 is #fffff.
  • Check the applied texture in screen no.4.


To enlarge your avatar, adjust the Scale or Position Y/Z values on the top.

Enter the ZEPETO code to apply it directly to avatars to test.

  • Test on a variety of avatar faces to create a more detailed and natural looking item.

STEP 3 : Uploading your item

Format and save the final image file to be 512 x 512 px square in size.



Only files that are 512 px horizontally and vertically can be uploaded in Studio.

Right-click the saved PNG file and select ZEPETO Studio > Export as .zepeto. Then click the Eyelash tab and convert the file while in blending mode to create a file with a zepeto file extension.

  • At this stage, all textures aside from those that are in the eyelashes area are removed before being converted.