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Modeling Setup - Headwear

Setting up the Headwear BaseBody

Import the HEADWEAR_Guide.fbx file downloaded from the Getting Started section of the guide.

Structure and naming conventions

The Headwear Guide provides the following elements:

  • Base Armature - named "Armature"
  • Mask base - named "mask"
  • Head guide - named "dummyFace"
  • Hair example - named "dummyHair"

Headwear Guide fbx file in an empty Blender scene. Note the floor elevation relative to the model and the size of the grid floor.

Element Details

The mask serves to remove unnecessary faces on the default body that are obscured by the clothing item in the ZEPETO app.
The base armature is the skeleton that controls the placement and shape of the ZEPETO avatar's head. It is generally not used in the setup process in 3D modeling for headwear, and can be ignored until the rigging process.
The item you create will be a separate mesh object. Use the following naming system on the mesh object for the type of item you want to create.

Item TypeName

Headwear Guide File Elements

Use the guide objects included in the Headwear Guide to shape around your items.
For headwear items that go over the hair, use the "dummyHair" object as a spacing guide. The dummyHair object isn't usable in the app due to it's construction, but takes up the volume of most medium to long length hair objects. Headwear items that go over hair like headbands should be loosely shaped around this hair volume.
For headwear items that go across the head or face, use the "dummyFace" object. The object contains the geometry of the head without the ears, the eyelashes, and the rest of the body from the neck down. This guide can help you shape your item without the distraction of the rest of the mask body.