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In this section, we provide a step-by-step guide on releasing and managing your ZEPETO World, along with tips for optimizing its quality.

To ensure your World is well ready for play, we encourage you to review the contents of this section and follow the guide provided.

Testing & Optimization
Identify performance issues in your World using the runtime profiler and work towards improving them. Additionally, leverage the testing tools offered by the World SDK and ZEPETO Studio to proactively identify and address any discomfort or errors users may encounter.
World Distribution
Are you ready to introduce your ZEPETO World to the world? Explore various features provided by ZEPETO Studio, from World registration to viewing play statistics and managing user data. We also offer a guide on operating products and currencies within your World.
Open API
With the ZEPETO World Open API, you can efficiently manage and operate the data of your released ZEPETO Worlds.