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Monetization Template Guide

SummaryThis is a complete template featuring fun jump map content with monetization elements, leaderboards, screenshots, screen recording, voice chat, gestures, and other features.
DifficultyFor Beginners
GenrePlatform Jump and Run, Item Collection, Competition based on records


Monetization Template Download

How to play

  • Open the monetization template project in Unity.

  • Double-click to open Scene.

    • Please register the currency and products with the same name as those used in the template at ZEPETO Studio.(If the currency ID and product ID are different, they cannot be linked with the template.)

      • Currency
      IDCurrency Name

      • Product
      IDNameSales CurrencyPriceType
      resurrection_starresurrection starstar100Consumable
      resurrection_zemresurrection zemZEM2Consumable
      highjumphighjump potionstar50Consumable
      shieldshield potionstar50Consumable
      trailtrail effectZEM3Nonconsumable
      tipTip for DeveloperZEM1Consumable
  • Create a Leaderboard and add the leaderboard ID to the leaderboard module.

  • Login to your ZEPETO account in the Unity Editor, then click the Play button to start playing.

  • A local player is created in the lobby.

  • In the lobby, you can socialize with others. You can sit on a bench, have a voice chat, or send a gift.

  • You can also purchase outfits you like that are displayed on mannequins.

  • Walk to the START point to switch to game mode.

  • Control your local player to reach the goal point.

  • You can purchase items in the shop to aid your play:

    • High Jump: Allows you to jump higher for a certain amount of time.
    • Shield Potion: Protects you when you touch obstacles.
    • Trail Effect: Adds cool effects.
    • Resurrection Ticket: Revives you at the last checkpoint if you fall to the ground or hit an obstacle.
    • Tip for Developer: ZEMs are donated to world developer.
  • When the local player reaches the goal point, a congratulatory screen appears.

Features included in the template

  • ZEPETO character generation
  • Checkpoint feature
  • Platforms that move along a set path
  • Platforms that drop after a set time when stepped on
  • Obstacle platforms
  • Congratulations screen
  • Items that grant goods when eaten
  • Item shop
  • Ad viewing
  • Mannequins
  • Voice chat, voice modification
  • Quick chat
  • Screenshots, screen recording
  • Gestures
  • Interaction objects
  • Leaderboard

Resources included in the template

  • UI image resources and prefabs
  • Platform object
  • Background objects

Application guide

  • Follow the video tutorial to apply your own monetization elements.
    • Set the item IDs of the outfits you created on the mannequin.
    • Set the item IDs for the outfits you've created in Gifting.
  • Make the map more colorful.
    • Add more platforms and obstacles to have players enjoy the game longer.
    • Change the design to create a new theme.

Precautions when using templates

  • The intellectual property rights, including copyright, for this template are owned by “NAVER Z” and its affiliates. For more information, please refer to the following link. [ZEPETO World SDK License and terms]
  • This template is provided for free use exclusively within ZEPETO World. Any usage of this template outside of the ZEPETO World platform is strictly prohibited.
  • When submitting a world for review through this template, the review may be rejected if it is similar to a previously released world. Therefore, it is recommended to change resources such as backgrounds and objects within the scene.