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Blend Shape



Blend shape is not simply adding two expressions, but rather a compliation of various expressions with adjusted values. We highly recommend running multiple tests to create your final expression.

STEP 1 : Preparations


Prior to creating an item, please download the file

STEP 2 : Creating Blend Shape

Copy the mesh that will become the facial expression from the base mesh.

Name the expression.

Select the expression mesh first, then select the base mesh.

While both items are selected, go to windows -> Animation Editors -> Shape Editor.

Click on the Create Blend Shape button to create a blend shape called 'blendShape1' as shown in the image. the expression you created will be included in 'blendShape1'.

Use the control bar and adjust 0.000 -> 1.000 to check during this process.

When all facial expressions are complete, select the expressions in order, then select the base model.
Repeat the steps to create the blend shape.

Edit the blend shape name from 'blendShape1' to 'zepeto'



The expressions will not work with any other name.

Select the base mesh, and check that the 'zepeto' blend shape is linked in the input screen to confirm that the work is complete. Next step is rigging.

STEP 3 : Checking the guidelines

  • Blend shape is created by using the base mesh vertex and the expression mesh vertex to create an expression.
  • Aside from the base mesh and UVS, all count and vertex numbering for the expression mesh must be the same. (we recommend copying the base model)
  • Blend shape will not work if the base mesh and expression mesh vertex numbering is not the same.
  • You must apply all of the expressions in between, instead of having one final expression.
  • You must follow the order of expression mesh.
  • The expression mesh naming mut be the same as the original. (including lowercase and uppercase letters)

  • As with all other contents, color the hidden mask areas in Black.

After you are done, you must use the most recent version of Unity (2020) to convert. (if you use an older version of Unity, the blend shape information value will be missing)

Facial Expressions

There are 71 facial expressions, not including inbetween.
inbetween is flexible--it can be added or deleted as needed. (expressions that are not included in the inbetween list will not work)


  • Be cautious of eyebrows overlapping with eyes.
  • If the expressions are different on each side, check both the left and right side to make sure there aren't any issues.
  • If the design has ears, there aren't any animation keys for ears-specifically so make sure to add any movements here.


  • This is the most important KEY expression.
  • When testing various expressions containing the mouth, make sure the jawOpen keys are working as intended.


  • cheekPuff = expression when the character is puffing his/her cheeks. ( this does not affect jawOpen, but you must adjust the values at the same time and check the areas inside the mouth. This will make a big difference when using different expressions)
  • cheekSquint = when moving left/right cheek.


  • This value is greatly affected by the eyebrow value, so you must adjust simultaneously to find the best values.


  • Jaw expressions affect the chin/jaw movement. (Adjust the values along with the jawOpen values)


  • This has the most expressions. You must check the mouth values and other expression values simultaneously.
  • mouthClose is a special expression that may look awkward alone. It must be used with jawOpen. When using the feature, make sure you use both.
  • mouthFunnel is the expression when you say 'woo'.
  • mouthPucker is the expression when you say 'Oh'.
  • mouthShrugLower and mouthShrugUpper must not have any issues when used together.

  • The four expressions are one expression split into 4. Thus, all 4 expressions must be used together.


  • inbetween are special expressions used in between two expressions.
  • it must have the expression name to be applied to expressions.
  • More expressions take up more data, so we have minimized the number of available expressions.
  • Currently, this can only be applied to eyeBlink and the associated expressions.
  • inbetween expressions that are not being used can be deleted.


  • These expressions are subdivided expressions for animation creators.
  • Eyebrow movements are divided into 3 parts.(A, B, C)

  • cheekPuff expression is divided by left and right.

STEP 4 : Things to Check in Unity

Check the two options after importing the work from Unity

  • First, click on the FBX file, and activate the 'Import Blendshapes' in the option menu.
  • Second, after Material naming, add '(NoColor)'



If you do not add it, the hair color value will be mixed

You can convert after checking both items