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3D Mapping - Clothing

STEP 1 : Editing the UV

When you have completed modeling, select the object and select UV Editor from the UV menu on the top.


In the UV Editor screen, select Create > Camera-based to change the form of the UV and cut the UV.

  • Cut the UV as you would cut a piece of clothing following the sewing pattern to make the process easier.

  • The created UV can be saved by clicking the camera icon on the top of the UV Editor.


You can only use 1 UV for outers, tops, and bottoms. Only in cases where the object is large you can use 2 UVs, such as making a set of clothing.

STEP 2 : Creating a texture

Open the saved UV file in Photoshop and start the texture process.

  • When you are finished, save it as a .PNG file.


When creating a texture, it is recommended that the image size be 256 x 256 pixels. The maximum size possible is 512 x 512 pixels.

Load the created texture in Maya and apply it to the object.


When the process is over, unlink the texture.

  • The texture will be linked in Unity after all other processes are completed.


In order to make connecting in Unity afterward easier, designate the shader name with the suffix _shd behind the object name. ex) TOP_shd

Remove the BTM_Guide which served as a guide during the modeling process.