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3D Rigging - Headwear

STEP 1 : Preparing for rigging

Load the exclusive BaseBody for headwear with the downloaded HEADWEAR_guide. Load the modeled headwear as well.

  • This file includes the mask (mask), joint (head), dummyFace, and dummyHair.



Headwear must be applied to different hair styles with varying degrees of volume, so it is important to pay attention when doing the modelling in Unity.

Select the head joint and the headwear object in order and click Skin > Bind Skin to open the options window. In the options window, set the Bind to to Selected joints.


STEP 2 : Figuring weights

Select the dummyFace and the headwear object in order and do Copy Skin Weights.


If you do Copy Skin Weights from a dummyFace with previous weights applied to the headwear object, you can respond to facial deformation.


Move each joint one by one and edit the parts that collapse or have incorrect weights applied.

STEP 3 : Finishing

Select the mask, head joint, and the headwear object. Then click Export Selection to save tem as a .fbx file.