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VSCode auto-completion function does not work properly

If the autocomplete function in the VSCode editor is not working properly, please try the following methods.

Method applicable within VSCode

Set Manage > Settings > typescript.tsserver.maxTsServerMemory to 8192mb (this setting is recommended for RAM 32GB or higher).

Enter ‘Restart TS Server’ in View > Command Palette.

Please refer to the guide below for instructions on how to run the Command Palette


Please refer to the following guide. [Error detection does not work properly when using ZEPETO script with VSCode editor]

Methods applicable outside VSCode



Please ensure that RAM utilization remains below 70%. Kindly close resource-intensive applications such as Chrome, music apps, and others.

If the above method does not solve the problem, please try the method below :

  1. Shut down running VSCode and Unity Editor entirely.
  2. Delete the Library folder under the Unity project where the problem occurred.

  1. Reopen the Unity Editor.
  2. If the problem occurs again despite the previous actions, proceed with the following:
    Go to Assets > Reimport All > Reimport.